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Welcome Christin Elvegård

Growth is a beautiful thing. Our Oslo office is yet again expanding as Christin Elvegård is joining us. She is already an experienced Client Director, but the depth of her competence lies in her background as both art director and graphic designer, a combination highly valuable in the field of branding. She has worked with a multitude of brands across different communication disciplines, both within public and private sector. If you want to get to know more about what she can help you with, you are more than welcome in for a coffee. We are truly happy to welcome her to our office. 

Say hi to the new and improved Kalles

SDG Stockholm have created the new design of the classic Swedish icon Kalles, this time with a more handcrafted and genuine look - communicating the sustainable choice that Kalles is. 

Welcome Ida Louise Andersen!

Our Oslo office expands again with last years Young Lions Design winner Ida Louise Andersen. Ida is a multidisciplinary designer and started her education at Oslo University College (Norges Kreative Fagskole) before she completed a bachelor at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. After graduating, she has worked in We Oslo, developing visual concepts for several clients, including ideas related to socialization services, based on the sharing economy and gamification principles. Welcome Ida!

Springtime is win time

Our project for Lev Vel for REMA 1000 was honored with the Award for Design Excellence this week, and Gold in Retailprisen earlier this month. Read the wonderful jury verdict from the Award for Design Excellence here, that emphasizes entirety, sustainability and gender neutrality. A big round of applauds to the entire team. We are very proud! 

Fresh face: Anne Marie Brady

Big welcome to our newest asset at the Oslo office! Anne Marie Brady will Head up Service Innovation in Scandinavian Design Group. She's joining us after having led a big restructuring project for Posten/Bring, regarding their customer services. She has also been part of the research project Customer Care 2015, at Center for Service Innovation, where Posten worked together with DNB, Telenor, NHH, AHO, Sintef and Doga to establish new practice within digital brand transformations. We are happy to have her as a part of our growing team.

Can sustainability be serious competitiveness?

In season 1 of TRIPPEL we developed new, green, sustainable concepts within the food industry. This week we're kicking off season 2, targeting the Textile industry. There is still a larger brief out there, and we believe that innovation methodology, design thinking and process design can help dissolve social tangles and create sustainable growth. TRIPPEL also has a mission to prove that sustainability can be serious competitiveness. Read more about this topic here and follow the project as we dig into the challenge.