Home of the Baker's Percentage

After its launch, the bakery has become a huge success and instant Oslo staple in short time span since its inception. Just based on the regulars, there is enough customer traffic to soon open another bakery.

It runs well and sells literally like hot cakes. This also due to the really dedicated and talented bakers of Mjøl.

One of our concerns was to go head-to-head with the pure transactional 'factory bakeries', that has forced friends-&-family-run bakeries out of business. But it worked — and with surprising effect. Mjøl has proved that exceptional craft, love and attention are worth the few extra cents.

The bakers has found a collective love for the brand, making them continuously want to grow the brand and open new locations — not only in Oslo — but Norway in general.

The brand applications has been a real hit, that customers bring with them — then experiment with the recipes and baker's percentages at home.


Home of the Baker's Percentage

Mjøl (Norwegian for 'Flour') is a craft bakery founded to showcase the art of baking and challenge the chain bakeries that have flooded Oslo. Mjøl aims to provide an exceptional alternative, proving that true craftsmanship is worth the few extra cents. We wanted the identity to celebrate the bakers who work around the clock to provide exceptional baked goods every day. This identity has become a living tool for Mjøl, offering a strong foundation to communicate their unique craftsmanship, expertise, and love for the art of baking.

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Mjol 1
Mjol 4

"Baker's percentage" is a baking formula where flour is 100%, and other ingredients are measured as a percentage of the flour.

When the logo appears static, there is only Mjøl (100% flour) in the logo. The logo then reacts as ingredients from their signature recipes are added. Mjøl wants customers to bring identity applications with them, and experiment with the recipes and baker's percentages at home.

Mjol 3
Mjol 5

Photos by Marthe Thu.

Mjol 29
Mjol 11
Mjol 12
Mjol 25

'Mjøl' means flour. 'Sukker' means sugar. 'Salt' means salt. 'Gjær' means yeast. 'Mjølk' means milk. 'Vatn' means water. 'Meierismør' means dairy butter.

Mjol 14
Mjol 26

"Baker's percentage" are translated into a line diagram — which is then developed into a design system for typography. The typography communicates Mjøl's recipes and becomes a starting point for customers to talk about them.

Mjol 6
Mjol 8
Mjol 28

Doodles by @crinklesack.

Mjol 15

The doodles aim to add a human touch to the technical system. Raw, unfiltered photography echoes the authenticity of Mjøl.

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Mjol 19
Mjol 23
Mjol 27

"Mjøl is a small artisanal bakery with a passion for the art of baking, and this is evident in this delightful identity. We appreciate how the rather conceptual and mathematical idea actually produces a result that evokes a feeling of doughy, soft playfulness through typography. The graph paper and its aesthetic qualities are refined, giving a sense of craftsmanship without resorting to the obvious category clichés. The unconventional interpretation and presentation of recipes and baked goods create an identity that truly charmed the jury."

— Mjøl was awarded Gold at the Norwegian National Design Awards, Visuelt, 2024.