Help your people do a better job

Although relatively small, Techstep is one of Norway’s fastest growing IT companies and supply leading businesses with telecom, mobile and IT tools. Their focus on driving consolidation within the corporate market has lead them to new acquisitions and several significant contracts in recent years.

Acquiring businesses however, comes with its own set of challenges, that can quickly interfere with business goals and profitability. Design can’t fix everything, but when we think of the headaches often associated with the merging of different cultures, each with their own unique sense of identity, design can play a key role in creating a common purpose, refocusing and inspiring employees.

In an industry that is traditionally seen as merely a supplier of hardware and software solutions, Techstep saw the opportunity to dig deeper into the effect that their solutions have on their clients and their everyday work routines. By combining leading consultancy expertise, tech savy and a whole lot of charm, Techstep were ready to take center stage and announce arrival in their category as “the one to watch”

In an era of purpose-driven strategies, Techstep’s competitors speak of far-reaching digitisation and moving into the future. Techstep’s approach is more personal and highlights human stories, relieving employees of everyday stress and improving effectivity. Techstep appeals to employers’ empathy with new messaging that encourages to “help your people do a better job”. Aligning Techstep’s visual identity to their human approach meant finding a counterweight to their technical name. Focus on the magic of things that just work, rather than complex systems of hardware and software behind them give birth to Techstep’s perpetually moving identity, relevant also to Techstep’s goal of “making work mobile”. An uncomplicated, bold visual toolbox and clarification of their use of language aims to make their offer more accessible to potential and existing clients and from IT specialists to employees alike.

Weekly workshops and co-creation of strategy, communication and visual directions enabled full ownership by key stakeholders from the Techstep team. Launched in 2018 at their annual assembly, Techstep’s new visual identity, brand story, messaging, and an evocative brand film all helped to inspire employees, old and new, and continue to frame a clear understanding of the brand. Throughout the process, clarification of client pain-points, messaging solutions and brand story development became invaluable tools for internal on-boarding and sales force alignment.


Help your people do a better job

Although relatively small, Techstep is one of Norway’s fastest growing IT companies and supply leading businesses with telecom, mobile and IT tools.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Motion Design
  • UX/UI Design
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