CMI takes the name of John Cockerill
John Cockerill

CMI had just decided to change the company name back to the name of the founder John Cockerill and had a logo made. With that as a starting point the brief was to make the company ready for the internal launch. Splitting the project up in four work streams, we were able to develope the brand startegy, the visual identity, the website and the internal launch campaign parallely, making the process efficient and iterative and the work coherent.

John Cockerill is a global conglomerate and a family owned business with the main office in Liège, Belgium. The challenge was to unite all sectors and business units across the world under one name, both in brand architecture, visually and the human onboarding.

John Cockerill is providing profitable answers to the needs of our time. Named after the founder, the entrepreneurial spirit is kept in one united, strong and global brand. The brand encapsulates the entire experience of John Cockerill as a company. It is an expression of their unique position in the competitive arena and their common purpose. From the visual identity, to how they speak and deliver their services, the brand is formed at every customer interaction. It is up to each and every one to play their part in making it strong.

The key success factor for this to happen is to get each and every one of the employees to understand the change and that their role counted on becoming Johan Cockerill.

The result was a modenized expression that is in tune with the entrepeneurial, human and opportunistic caracter of the company. Differenciating from their competitors visually based on their company qualities, both on construction sites, at fairs and on the web.

Through a systematic onboarding leading up to the launch and continuing afterwards an entusiasme and pride was expressed from the 1000 representatives of the employees form around the world gathered at the launch event. They took pride in standing stronger together, as one united group, becomming John Cockerill.

John Cockerill

CMI takes the name of John Cockerill

CMI Group found their way back to the roots with a fresh perspective, inspired by the visionary spirit of the founder, John Cockerill.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Motion Design
  • UX/UI Design
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