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Blossa Annual

For many years, Blossa held an unthreatened position in new and innovative mulled wine flavours. Today, this is not the case anymore. Competitors are catching up by launching their own versions of unexpected flavours as a mean of competition. So, what could Blossa do to vitalise the brand further and manifest the position as not only a market leader – but the market leader?

When we started working with Blossa for the 2011 Edition we created a design concept with the purpose of evolving with each new annual release. This would move the brand into a larger context beyond taste and perception of a traditional Christmas drink. Blossa could continue the yearly releases, adding new exciting tastes to the traditional beverage but in a larger context and with a greater story to tell. Since 2013 Blossa has travelled to six different destinations – from India to the Swedish wildwoods – to collect the most interesting ingredients and design elements available.

The launch is considered a prime happening in Sweden every year. After a long timeline of new styles, it still attracts lots of press and buzz in social media, as well as in magazines, food networks, morning shows, and evening press. It’s enormously popular among stylists, bloggers, and as a design object for collectors. It’s also common for the product to be sold out several days or sometimes weeks before the Christmas weekend, and this year it even broke new sales records at Systembolaget. Let’s just say that we’re proud.

Blossa Annual

The World-Renowned Glögg

When we started working with Blossa for the 2011 Edition we created a design concept with the purpose of evolving with each new annual release. Since then Blossa has travelled to nine different destinations – from India to the Swedish wildwoods – to collect the most interesting ingredients and design elements available. The launch is considered a prime happening in Sweden every year.

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Blossa Annual


Blossa travels to Japan and discovers yuzu, ginger and the art of shūji (Japanese calligraphy). We hired a master in shūji to get it just right. The coordinates guide us to the city of Kochi on the island of Shikoku, where the yuzu fruit grows. White pearlescent finish, crowned with a red cap makes for a strong entrance

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Blossa Annual


Blossa goes to Dalarna in Sweden. The design inspiration was found in the famous kurbits paintings Dalarna is known for. Both the red and blue colour originates from the area, the Faluröd (Falu-red) and the Dalablå (Dala-blue)

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Blossa Annual


In 2014, Blossa went to Provence to find inspiration among sun dried flowers and catch the taste of billowing lavender fields. The coordinates for this year’s bottle take us to the picturesque village of Digne les Bains – the capital of the lavender trade. The graphic element is inspired by the lush lavender fields. The cap features a traditional Provençal emblem

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Blossa Annual


Blossa travels to the British Islands in search for the perfect Earl Grey tea. The coordinates take us to The London Tea Company, situated not far from Buckingham Palace. Inspired by the afternoon tea tradition, the design of Blossa 15 manifests the British tea culture

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Blossa Annual


The coordinates 63°69'72.0"N 13°81'76.7"E bring us to the northern forest Storskogen in Sweden. The flavors are arguably the most exotic to date, featuring Crowberry and caramelized Birch Sap with a hint of smoke. The design is a tribute to the mystery and depths of the Swedish forests, and the gold elements symbolize the treasure of flavors to be found. Read more over at The Dieline

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Blossa Annual


Glögg is well known for spreading warmth in cold winter months and Blossa Annual 2017 is a true manifestation of this. The coordinates 28°39’24.2’’N 77°13’18.5’’E lead us to the spice market Khari Baoli in Old Deli. The design is inspired by Indian Truck Art, with colourful paintings and patterns. The beverage tastes of sunny mango, cumin and a hint of chili, which all have inspired the colours on the bottle, from the gradient to the purple detailing

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Blossa Annual


Blossa 18 heads to the Amalfi Coast with a taste of limoncello and Mediterranean herbs. The design has been inspired by classic Italian delicatessen packaging and the Futurism movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th Century. The turquoise bottle brings to mind the glittering Mediterranean Sea along the Amalfi Coast. The sunburst yellow cork pays homage to the lemons and limoncello that inspired the flavour

Blossa 18 Blavarg 1463 maerkare dryck 180920 165325
Blossa 3

Blossa Annual


Blossa has travelled in search of inspiration to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The pattern adorning the Blossa 19 Aloha bottle, imitating the Aloha shirts of the 1950s, depicts hibiscus flowers. The bottle’s beautiful coral colour was inspired by the coral reefs surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. The turquoise colour of the numbers refers to the sea and the surfing culture, whereas the cap imitates the colour and texture of a coconut

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Blossa Annual


Blossa Annual 2020 is inspired by Marrakech, Morocco. There lies the city’s famous market square Djemaa el-Fna, surrounded by cafés, where traditional sweet Moroccan mint tea is served. It tastes of fresh mint and green tea combined with traditional glögg spices.

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Blossa Annual


In 2021, Blossa turned to the Spanish city of Valencia to visit some of the world's most beautiful, fresh, and lush orange groves. The artwork is inspired by the decorative hand-painted tiles that adorn the city's streets, an art form referred to as Azulejo. The custom 21 gold foil lettering references the aesthetic and print techniques seen on the iconic silk paper wrapping of Valencia oranges, which were first introduced to attract customers to buy Valencia oranges above all else.

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Blossa Annual


Blossa 22 explores the eccentric and eclectic city of New Orleans, Louisiana, focusing specifically on the French Quarter with its lively Bourbon Street and the legendary bar Pat O’Brien’s. This bar is known for inventing the famous Hurricane drink, a flavor note that is also found in the beverage.

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Blossa Annual


This year, Blossa's annual glögg celebrates 20 years by returning home to seek inspiration from the vibrant squares, bustling breweries, and narrow alleys of Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan). The design illustrates Blossa's wonderful journey, which began in Gamla Stan in 1895. As the atmosphere is especially pleasant here in the evenings, we used luminescent ink that reveals itself on dark, crisp winter nights. The number 23 is set in Eksell Display by Letters From Sweden. The glögg features the taste of fresh raspberries and floral hops. A unique and long-awaited addition to this year's annual glögg was the launch of an alcohol-free version.