Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence
Blossa 1917

In 2015 Altia launched a jubilee seal in a unique limited edition, Blossa 1895, to further confirm its position as the original glögg maker. By doing so they could successfully tell the story about small scale, craft and tradition as well as declare high quality and craftsmanship. When Finland celebrated its 100th anniversary of their independence Altia wanted to do something similar; to launch a new product that told a story about this historic event. They came to us for help with a design that supported the story and still connected with the previous design we made for Blossa 1895.

In addition to crafts, recipes and cognac, inspiration was gathered from the existing product and partly from Finland's 100th anniversary as an independent state the 6th December 2017.

To give the products context we made a strategic decision to include them both in a historic collection, keeping them together in design expression – while still marking each design with the time they represent.

The design of all History Collection products will hold together, while having their individual expressions with their own unique story based on the chosen year, as well as their respective recipes and ingredients. Everything according to Blossa's core values: quality, crafts and tradition.

The result is a limited edition glögg manifesting the Finnish independence in a way that suits a centennial. Worthy a celebration, don’t you think?

Blossa 1917

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence

Celebrating your 100th birthday is something out of the ordinary. So, at the 100th anniversary of Finlands independence, Blossa decided to launch a celebratory edition of glögg, with inspiration from old Blossa recipes. We were asked to design the bottle to fit this historic moment, but still taking it into the future.

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