A family reunited
SpareBank 1

SpareBank 1 is one of Norway’s largest banks, consisting of 15 independent local banks spread across small towns and large cities nationwide. This gives them the advantage of being small and up-close, yet still being one of the largest and strongest financial brands in the country – when they stand together as one.

In order to stand out in the bank-industry, meet their true target group and to be able to tell their unique “family” story to potential customers, it was time for SpareBank 1 to re-shape their brand identity, strategy and communication. A modern refresh to fit today's needs and expectations.

Norway, as any other country, is a country with quite a lot of cultural differences between each part of the country. It’s safe to say that a brand represented from different cultures, has to meet some challenges over time. We worked with them to unite their story after all these years and build a stronger brand together, making room for each local bank to play out their culture and personality.

The result is a brand refresh, to represent a warm, inclusive and solid bank with a strong bond to their local communities. A modernised and consistent expression throughout every touchpoint – from the big cities to the smaller towns and villages.

SpareBank 1

A family reunited

It’s a new dawn and a new era rising for the bank industry in Norway. It’s more important than ever to gain customers' trust, loyalty and show excellence in products and services. While at the same time, brands are assessed to a much greater extent according to how they contribute to a sustainable future.

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SpareBank 1 has a well established logo, and is especially recognised by the strong red circle enclosing the number 1 in their logo mark. When adjusting the visual identity, the circle became an integral part of their new visual language.

A familiar tale told with a new voice

Typografi 02
473 Glyphs

We developed a bespoke typeface built on a geometric circular language. The font, with it's playful and warm characters, builds a strong and recognizable voice for SpareBank 1.

Visittkort Fiona

A natural colour palette inspired by the local communities

Sekundærpalett Rød
Sekundærpalett Grønn

Each colour originates from the Norwegian nature and local communities.

Farger lokale
SB1 Illustrasjon

Another highlight of SpareBank 1 brand is their uniquely tailored illustrations – visualising the local variations through Norwegian landscape, culture and people. An illustration style showcasing the different Norwegian communities. Created by Jon Arne Berg and us, together with the banks across the entire country. We worked with the team to establish guidelines that honor individuality for each bank, while maintaining brand consistency.

18 SB1 linn ellevseth
14 SB1 linn ellevseth

The brand imagery aims to capture the neighbourhood spirit nationwide

Darya tryfanava Ex0 3i L t0 unsplash
Alex dudar d Rc W3j O9 Gcw unsplash
11 SB1 linn ellevseth
02 SB1 linn ellevseth
Mockup Maison PO A05 copy