Visuelt 2019 —
National Norwegian Design Awards

We’re back fresh from the annual Norwegian design awards, Visuelt, and we’re happy to have won Gold for our rebranding of Vipps. We shared the stage with strong competition, which makes it all the sweeter. We believe that good design requires a deep integration of strategy and a trusting partnership with the client – in our case study we dive deeper into how meaning, strategy, intent and collaboration can make something beautiful, but also effective and even transformative.

We spent the night celebrating all the inspiring work represented by our friends and partners, and it was good to see a broad range of submissions, from a wide variety of studios both big and small. We’re part of a thriving design ecosystem in Oslo and we’re glad to see it represented. A lot of big clients are centred in the area, which explains the heavy focus on Oslo, but we know there are great clients and great projects all over the country, and we’re excited to see them. 

Over the coming years, we look forward to Visuelt showcasing more works that aren’t primarily limited to design agencies from Oslo. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.