Welcome to TRIPPPELDugnad - A workshop by Grønt Punkt, DOGA and SDG

Design for Recycling
April 12th 2018, 08:30 – 19:00
Scandinavian Design Group, Grundingen 6
Free (registration is binding)

We're all responsible for bettering the world we live in. Constant improvement, smarter solutions, more meaningful cooperation and greater insight will help us make the right choices. Choices that will effect us all, our planet and that make smarter business sense. Through proved processes and sound methodology, the design industry has the opportunity to usher in the right choices early in a design process, and avoid lengthy and costly initiatives.

On April 12th, Grønt Punkt, DOGA and Scandinavian Design Group welcome the design industry to take part in a TRIPPPEL workshop. By connecting knowledge and expertise with real world problems, we aim to uncover more sustainable packaging solutions, whilst we test Grønt Punkt's methods for sharing their knowledge in a more open and user friendly format.

We look forward to welcoming Bama, Jacob's Utvalgte and Pierre Robert who will bring concrete design briefs to be solved, and will participate actively during the TRIPPPEL workshop.

SDG's TRIPPPEL workshop involves multidisciplinary teams, sets clear success criteria and challenges us to deliver ideas with value for people, planet and profit throughout the process.

Read more about TRIPPPEL here.

Interested in taking part? We'd love to hear from you.
Simply send us your name, company and a few choice words about why and how you wish to take part to hello@sdg.no 
There are a limited number of spaces available and we look forward to replying to successful applicants shortly.