The Explorer Launched at Berlin’s GreenTech Festival

Photo Copyright: Innovation Norway / Simon Cornils

This past Friday, a few of us had the privilege to travel to GreenTech Festival in Berlin for the international launch of Innovation Norway’s The Explorer. It was an honor for us to be there as His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Haakon, took the stage to showcase the platform in front of a crowd of green thinking innovators, business leaders, politicians and a bunch of German socialites. 

The Explorer itself is a digital matchmaking service for connecting global challenges with Norwegian based, sustainable solutions (you can check it out here). Together with Innovation Norway, our roles included concept work, branding, strategic design, service design, UX and UI. Our partner Creuna contributed to the technical development of the service.

Within the platform, international businesses can connect with Norwegian companies that provide solutions spanning a plethora of industries. All of these solutions have been vetted and validated to sustainability based criteria. The Explorer is Innovation Norway’s strategic investment to position Norway as a pioneer within sustainability. 

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