201007 Gronlikaia

City development by the people

Developing the newest part of Oslo, Grønlikaia in Bjørvika, is more than just a city development project, it is a project about planning for our urban future in a holistic and sustainable way. Bjørvika, at the heart of Oslo, is a place that inspires people of all generations, backgrounds and cultures to meet, live and work. In times when polarization, cultural differences and social inclusion are more important topics than ever, Hav Eiendom has invited the public to participate in shaping the city of tomorrow.

This exciting initiative is taking place in SDGs Action Lab, a 240 square metre venue, located at the new Deichman Library in Bjørvika. During a five-week period the public have been given the opportunity to share their voice in this unique participation process. The key message of the initiative is to ‘Add colour to Grønlikaia’, encouraging people to write down and sketch their ideas to shape Grønlikaia for the future.

In addition, tailormade design sprints have been arranged with students from junior high and upper secondary schools, to spark ideas that will contribute to an inclusive, healthy and sustainable future for our city. Design sprints are a rapid creative process focusing on defining a challenge, gaining insights, creating ideas, developing concepts and testing solutions. The results show a bright future ahead, where inclusiveness, climate and social sustainability have been central to the ideas and thinking.

Everyone should feel welcome and part of the community in Bjørvika. In order for this to happen we need to know the public’s needs and thoughts, so we can plan and develop this area accordingly. Too often we’ve experienced people being engaged when the decisions are already made. Through this initiative, our key ambition is to be one step ahead, explains Kjell Kalland, CEO at Hav Eiendom.

At the southernmost tip of Grønlikaia, the plan suggests a 20 acres big island. Today, hardly any plants or wildelife inhabit this area, as it is dominated by shipping containers, concrete and industrial rubbish. As part of the exhibition, we’ve built a mini island with concrete from today’s Grønlikaia, and plants, trees, flowers and soil specific to the Oslo fjord flora. After the exhibition, the plants and trees will be placed at Grønlikaia as a seed bank for future vegetation. The exhibition will literally “Add colour to Grønlikaia.”

The design sprints were conducted with students from Jordal Junior High School, Edvard Munch and Kongshavn Upper Secondary School.

The project was created and conducted by Scandinavian Design Group in collaboration with Rodeo arkitekter, on behalf of Hav Eiendom.

Exhibition period: September 9th – October 7th 2020.

Photo by Sigrid Bjorbekkmo