Scandinavian Design Group Copenhagen


Gothersgade 14
DK-1123 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 13 42 43

To cut a 30-year long story short, we’re a design agency and always have been. As our industry has progressed, we have evolved, and so has the reach and importance of design. 

We like to think we’ve had a bit of influence over the years, pairing ambitious clients with leading talent to solve challenges and create brands together. Today, our world is facing more important challenges than ever. Our businesses and culture depend on finding more sustainable paths, and reinvention has become an everyday activity. The same can be said for our relationships with brands: they have become more erratic, given the volume of brands in any one category, but also more meaningful, given the growing problem-solving, product-oriented focus that brands are expected to deliver. This creates more possibilities to apply our thinking, strengthen your brand in all its touch-points, and implement change for a better tomorrow. Let’s get to work.

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