Victor Vaissier


A forgotten brand founded by the Swedish entrepreneur at a hectic flee market in Paris was looking for a new purpose. We got the mission to bring the brand to the Nordics and into people’s homes. With its fascinating history, the Victor Vaissier brand itself was the perfect raw material. Our task was to transform it into a relevant and modern brand soap and other related beauty products.


We designed Victor Vaissier based on an insight that soap is much more than a cleaning product nowadays. It’s a part of the home interior, adding a personal touch to the homes of design-savvy people. We set out to revise the values and beauty of the original brand in a contemporary design that appeals to modern senses, that signals refinement and that breathes quality. We brought Victor Vaissier into modern affordable luxury. The French heritage continues to be present in the name of the products and a ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the design. 


Victor Vaissier came in style.  Press, bloggers, retailers and consumers have taken back the lost son of luxury soap with open arms. Today, the brand is a hygiene factor deluxe. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with images from brokers, interior influencers and fashion influencers alike. Welcome back, Victor.

Victor Vaissier

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    Health & Beauty
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    FH Partners
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