VegMe is a quite recently established Swedish food brand making fresh plant-based products. In their assortment you’ll find vegetarian proteins, sauces, ready-to-eat dishes and vegan potato salad. Although consumers seemed to love VegMe's products, it soon became clear that the products didn’t stand out among other protein alternatives. With a limited marketing budget, VegMe realised that brand identity and packaging would be crucial for the company's future success. 

The goal was to develop a strong brand identity and compelling design to win the battle of the shelfs, i.e. to claim their space and make a mark in the category. We started out by conducting a thorough target group analysis and creating a brand platform, whereupon we developed a new identity and packaging design that would strengthen VegMe’s position and highlight their genuine Swedish heritage.

The first new products hit the shelfs summer 2018. The result? The first quarter VegMe’s sales increased by an astonishing 64 % compared to the same period the year before. 

“We are overwhelmed by the strong growth we’ve had and how positively the new design has been received in the market.”

Linda Öhman, Marketing Director at VegMe

Now we're launching the next success concept together with VegMe: space-efficient and recyclable packaging with an even more distinct design. Many people are aspiring to eat more plant protein, but are hesitant about how to start. That’s why we’ve now added simple recipes on the backside of the packaging, and more advanced recipes on the inside of the sleeve. The ambition is to inspire more people to try plant-based foods.