Skanska Studio


Skanska came to us with a commercial development project in the heart of Malmö. They needed help with creating a strong communicative concept that infused interest and high expectations long before the first shovel started digging. The concept was supposed to be easily transmitted to the physical environment and consequently clarify the value for buyers, neighborhood, and business community alike.


We created STUDIO. The name studio means ‘room for creation’ in Latin and that’s exactly what it is; a house built for interactions and a workspace that inspire innovation. It is a platform for Swedish companies entering a worldlike arena of collaborations and entrepreneurs. STUDIO was based on the insight that the new way of working blur the lines between job and free time. Nowadays people are flexible and mix and match between work, family time, meetings and interests. We explained that through the concept ‘Work, Stay, Play’ which also worked as the manifesto for studio as well as building blocks for communication and visual identity.


We developed the brand, concept, interior, communication, naming and identity! Way before similar players established in Stockholm (and did a copy paste of this). Conceptualizing work-life balance for the first time.

Skanska Studio