NoCo is short for Nordic Contemporary Art Collection – a collection focused primarily on works by Nordic artists. It’s curated by the former museum manager, Göran Christensen. NoCo’s intention is to make different work in the collections available for loan; to museums, institutions, as well as other artists. This creates meaning and added value around the collections which makes NoCo a relevant actor in the contemporary art world. In order to do so they needed a catalogue that captured the collection – in its right sense.  


SDG created the name, concept, identity and catalogue. We gave the catalogue the same value as an art book, showcasing each piece of art, and at the same time conceptualizing and capturing the collection as a whole. The design program combines Nordic influences mixed with a contemporary expression and a hint of luxury. 


NoCo is today an interior piece just as suitable on the coffee table, as for more functional catalogue purposes.

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    Lars Bohman Gallery
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