When we started working with Lantmännen (a long time ago) they were a relatively anonymous B2B organization within agriculture. Even though they marketed and sold consumer products, their offering wasn’t clear.  To create a more holistic strategy, we needed to develop one clear offering that would resonate with all their target groups. This included creating a visual identity that could adapt to the market and remain consistent. 


Lantmännen is a guarantee for good food and increasingly became so after our delivery. Apart from a new visual identity and design program, we also manifested a symbol that became the sprout of the company; made visible on the packaging of all products. The concept was also used in communication to clarify how Lantmännen take responsibility for their products; from seed to the table.  The concept was adapted to the different target groups in everything from printed material to advertising, signage, and digital.


Lantmännen’s mission became an inspiration for many other brands and resulted in Lantmännen being nominated for ‘The Most Sustainable Brand in Sweden’ several years in a row. An award that is handed out by the consumers themselves; proving that Lantmännen was now just as relevant for both businesses and people.