HTL Scandic


The demand for affordable hotels in premium locations is increasing worldwide, mostly due to other options such as Airbnb and private rentals. Conventional hotels are equipped with several features which a new generation of travelers are no longer interested in (conference rooms, room service, extensive breakfasts etc). This was the background for the launch of a new concept: a hotel chain that caters especially to the needs of those expecting smart and adaptable solutions – in the center of everything. The concept had to attract experienced travelers. People who look for location, hospitality and style at the best price. The primary challenge was therefore to create a concept that combines all of this without costing too much.


The strategy was to eliminate all unnecessary parts, keeping the things that actually make an impact. We started with the name – HTL – a proof of the brand mission and a way to convey the feeling that at HTL, you don’t pay for extras, just the stuff you want and need.  The design itself follows the same path by combining exclusive and personal handwritten typography with clear, digitally inspired icons, signage and a color palette signaling both exclusivity and a modern touch. 


HTL became an enthusiastic, social and inspirational brand that adapted to ever-changing cities and traveler needs, and one of the first of its kind to introduce true smartness to the Nordic hotel market. 

HTL Scandic