Häxan - Camilla Läckberg

In a uniform category we got the mission to update the Fjällbacka-series by Swedish crime author Camilla Läckberg, making sure it stands out in the crowd. By bringing the fashion world into crime fiction design we developed a design concept that works just as well on the coffee table as in the bookshelf. 


With 20 million sold books in 57 countries Camilla Läckberg had gone from the girl next door to a globally acclaimed author. But the covers of her books hadn’t really kept up with the change. The book design didn’t reflect her personality nor her unique ambition. It was time to update the covers to once and for all establish Camilla Läckberg as the queen of crime novels. 


The new design had to represent something completely new within the crime genre, where everything looked pretty much the same. The book should reflect the feeling of the reader, a moment to enjoy and a gift to themselves, without forgetting to give a hint about the genre of course. As the reading behavior changes among consumers, the book also had to work well for the digital formats, in book apps, online book stores and as an e-book. The concept also had to work in communication – both visually and in storytelling wise. 

This resulted in a cover design with inspiration from the fashion world, with the bold font of magazines such as Vogue and the stylized design of coffee table books. 

Through the new type of imagery we could give a subtle hint about the plot, without telling too much. This way we could differ from the classical imagery of the crime novels with it’s generic style of broken fonts and blood stains. The distinctive way to use water colors enabled us to keep the series together visually but still give each new book its own expression.


After the success of the of the first book, Häxan, we were assigned to re-brand the whole series of ten books in total. The new design also started travelling, and has already been used in the Icelandic market. Only the future will tell what’s next for the Swedish crime novel queen. 

Häxan - Camilla Läckberg

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