Delphi had been awarded law agency of the year several years and is one of the best business law agencies in Europe. However, this wasn’t conveyed in their identity and communication. We got the mission to assist Delphi in creating a new identity making them look like the successful agency that they really are. The project included research, interviews, insight & strategy, identity and communication.


Delphi has reached the top by creating new ways of working in a traditional business. By focusing on employees and creating a solid culture, they can be better advisors and maintain even more successful relationships with their clients. As a challenger, Delphi adapts the traditional ways of thinking, going into a new era of business law. 

To communicate the mix between new ideas and old tradition, as well as knowledge and authority, we gave Delphi a somewhat traditional expression to match the more futuristic expression of the logo. The balance between old and new combined with a softer feel in both color choices and typography enables Delphi to showcase their rightful place at the top, while still differentiating against the “masculine” expressions of competing law firms. Their deep understanding of their clients’ businesses was portrayed in an updated tonality, showcased by thoughtful copy to use in different types of communication. 


The launch of the new brand and identity has been a huge success, not least among Delphi’s employees. The design doesn't only show that Delphi is entering a new era in their businesses, it’s also easily adapted to everything from correspondence to events. Since the visual facelift, Delphi has received more spontaneous applications, primarily from women. This is a receipt of that the clearer positioning as a progressive and culture-driven agency, makes Delphi more attractive for tomorrow's top talent.