Blossa 17

Glögg is well known for spreading warmth in cold winter months and Blossa Annual 17 is a true manifestation of this. The coordinates 28°39’24.2’’N 77°13’18.5’’E lead us to the spice market Khari Baoli in Old Delhi. The design is inspired by Indian Truck Art, with colourful painting and patterns. The beverage itself tastes of sunny mango, cumin and a hint of chili, which all have inspired the colours on the bottle, from the gradient to the purple detailing.

Background and strategy

For many years, Blossa held an unthreatened position in new and innovative mulled wine flavours. Today, this is not the case. Competitors have started to catch up and launch their own versions of unexpected flavours as a means of competition. So what could we do to vitalize the brand further and manifest the position as a market leader?

When starting working with Blossa for the 2011 edition we created a design concept that could evolve and develop with each new annual release, moving the brand into a larger context beyond and the perception of a traditional Christmas drink. Since 2003 Blossa has launched an annual limited edition of glögg (mulled wine) with a new flavour and design. The launch is considered one of the prime happenings for Swedish glögg lovers.